Is your Software GCC-VAT Ready ?

VAT will come into effect in January 2018. In fact businesses will need to meet requirement to fulfil their tax obligations and responsible for collection, submission to the government and reporting inflow and outflow of the VAT. Adapting to VAT will mean updating or upgrading ERP and IT systems and interfaces to manage input and output VAT.

Indsoft provides solutions with key features ..

# Integrated POS & Stock Management ,Financial Accounting.

# Management of complete VAT transactions and VAT return filing.

# Generation and process of invoice with tax components.

# Single system for transaction management, invoice generation and VAT process.

# Synchronization of master data, sales and purchase transaction with VAT system.

# Integrity Management at the point of capture of accounts receivable and payable.

# Provides complete Audit trail to manage and trace account activities.

# Integrated Financial Accounting state-of-art reports like Trial Balance, P & L and Balance Sheet.

# Optional CRM, HR & Payroll module.

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